Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir is one artist Indonesian film. Beautiful body and attractive face is the main capital to Shinta Bachir in the world entertainment. Although it is not an absolute thing. The proof has a talent besides acting, Shinta was also a singer who soon will launch the album. For Shinta, attractive beautiful body and face is the grace of God as supporting her career. Because as a gift to be grateful with how to care for, especially the most favorite parts. Sensual roles, it seems no longer a matter for the artist Shinta Bachir. No words uncomfortable for the girl home Wonosobo, Central Java 25 years ago when she had to perform open-aperture. One scene that often so attention in Indonesian films is that these films show hot kissing scene. Whether it is still considered taboo by our society or it's just part of the most anticipated. Like when the kiss scene between Shinta Bachir with Dallas Pratama in the movie "taring"
Full name : Shinta Bachir
Actress name : Shinta Bachir
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Wonosobo, February 07 1986
Height : 165 cm

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